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The Positively Green Podcast

Mar 21, 2022

Leah Lee Burnett is the founder and CEO of Growing Food Growing People in St. Louis, MO. whose mission is to Grow food and people through healthy food accessibility and reconnecting to the soil. She is an Urban Farmer and has been growing food for the last six years. A Social Justice advocate at heart.  Growing up in the city of St. Louis, there is little access to healthy food, the black community,  where the only options are processed and convenience snacks and food that have little to no nutritional value. She took it upon herself to find a solution and start growing food for her family and community. She deeply understands the power in the soil and her non profit, Growing Food Growing People introduces community members to wellness through innovation. She loves growing food and knows that it's bigger than food, it's the soil, the art, the music.