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The Positively Green Podcast

Jul 11, 2022

On the first half of this thought provoking episode of the Positvely Green Podcast, meet Chris Walker, who describes himself as an “old white guy who questions everything”.  Raised in the Santa Clara Valley before it was Silicon Valley–Chris grew up in an agricultural context, working summers drying grapes with his grandfather in Coachella Valley. 


You will hear Chris’ thoughts about:

- How narratives shape our reality and how we might challenge them

- Questioning standards for products and food

- Resources and recommendations for additional learning


As a young man, he traveled to Jamaica and volunteered supporting small farmer cooperatives, working for the Social Action Centre in Halfway Tree compiling all of the sugar cane records of the sugar cane cooperative movement of 1970s and 80s Jamaica. Returning to the US, he studied agronomy and pomology at UC Davis, and was involved in the Organic Agriculture movement of 1980's California.


He has lived and worked in Mexico, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates, where he has resided for the past ten years.