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The Positively Green Podcast

Jul 27, 2020

As the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable items rises, more and more zero waste and bulk shops are opening to meet that need!

Our guest for this episode is Jenna Meier, the owner of The Glass Pantry, a newly-opened zero waste and bulk store located in the Walkers Point neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI. Her goal is to make your sustainability journey a little bit easier by offering pantry staples, household cleaners, and personal care products in a package-free way. The Glass Pantry offers organic, locally-made products in bulk; allowing you to stock up on everything you need, without producing all the trash. 

Topics Covered:

  • Jenna’s background and what inspired her to open a zero waste shop
  • The biggest obstacles she faced on her sustainable-living journey
  • What sourcing looks like for a bulk shop and some hurdles Jenna encountered while opening
  • What to typically expect when shopping at a bulk store and what products The Glass Pantry offers
  • How bulk stores can be vigilant to avoid mixing bins for those with food allergies
  • Tips for making the most of your grocery store visits if you don’t live near a zero-waste store
  • Advice if you want to open a zero-waste bulk shop of your own!

Resources Mentioned:


Facebook @glasspantrymilwaukee

Instagram @glasspantrymilwaukee

Address: 1039 S. 5th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204

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