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The Positively Green Podcast

Aug 26, 2019

On today’s episode of the Positively Green Podcast, we have special guest, Kate Eskuri. Kate is a Minnesota girl, registered nurse, holistic health junkie, and the voice behind The Foundation Blog, a modern woman's guide to all things slow living, integrative health, and holistic self-care. Kate got her nursing degree at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities where competed in Division I track, graduated with honors and completed years of health research introducing yoga to older female adults. Upon graduating and working as an RN at the Mayo Clinic ICU, Kate felt a longing to specialize in holistic health.

Kate is currently getting her doctorate degree in Integrative Health and Healing and is passionate about helping women maximize their health by simple + foundational health practices: quality nutrition, natural remedies, mindset-shifts, and holistic practices. Kate's healthcare experience is a unique blend of Western and Eastern. Having worked in an ICU setting and also studying integrative health, she believes in the miracle of modern medicine, but also encourages patients to get back to their "roots" of quality nutrition, slow living, and being intentional with their health. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Kate’s journey into nursing
  • Why she started the Foundation Blog
  • How we need to rethink healthcare and stop polarizing both western and eastern medicine
  • How being a 7 wing 8 on the Enneagram means joy is her compass
  • What it means to be an integrative/holistic nurse
  • Kate’s experience with competitive running and how she finds balance with exercise
  • Her go-to sleepy time drinks to promote regenerative rest (With Four Sigmatic, be sure to use her discount code KE10 to save some moolah!)
  • Why curated a mindful wardrobe should include pajamas
  • Why she made to switch from conventional cleansers to facial oils (her fave is Primally Pure)
  • How acupressure has been proven to help with PMS symptoms ​

To grab Kate’s complete Holistic Nighttime Rituals: A No-Nonsense Guide for Deeper, Dreamier Sleep Guide, click here!

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