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The Positively Green Podcast

Jan 11, 2021

Season 3 has launched with a warm welcome to our new cohost Suzette @reducereusesuze.

Suzette Chaumette is a public health researcher, gardener, and community activist who is on a lifelong plastic-free journey. She’ll be sharing tips and tricks with you for reducing plastic in your home, office, and garden.

In this season premiere, we get to know Suzette through:

  • her background in biological sciences and public health
  • her values around intersectionality and sustainable living
  • how she found her way to gardening and permaculture
  • her work towards a more equitable future in food and community building

Kelsey and Suzette are looking forward to continuing to share our green living journey with our listeners. Together, we’re a pair of sustainable living women who believe in the ethical treatment of people and the earth, the positive power of collaboration and communication, and how we as conscious consumers can be a force for good.

Ultimately we believe in the right for all of us to live healthy and abundant lives. With every episode of the Positively Green Podcast, we hope to educate and empower you to live a green life you’ll love.

Everyone give Suzette a warm welcome!

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