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The Positively Green Podcast

Feb 9, 2021

To honor Black America's farming legacy during Black History Month, on this episode we have guest, Mina Wilson. Mina is a community activist and public health professional who shares with us her family's legacy from their arrival in America as enslaved peoples to today. We’ll be talking about family history, farming, interdependence, food sovereignty, and liberation.  

Show notes:

  • Visiting and honoring the places of our ancestors
  • Leaning on family - both immediate and extended- and recognizing the power of collective thinking over individual thinking
  • Black legacy and recognizing the work and humanity of the enslaved as they built the wealth of our nation
  • The distinction in language between “salves” and “enslaved” and why it’s crucial when we talk about our history
  • How we must recognize and dismantle the policies still in place that uphold racism in America
  • Oliver North and guns for drugs
  • How the construct of slavery is still present in modern America
  • Allyship vs accompliceship
  • When we talk about farming, why we must acknowledge and honor the enslaved
  • How can land access and ownership can be a way forward for allyship and accompliceship
  • How the mortgage industry truly started
  • Cross-generational consciousness and why it’s crucial

“If we don’t acknowledge the truth individually and collectively - there is no hope for us” -Mina Wilson